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Engaging with clients remotely is something that all businesses are now having to adapt to in the current environment. Below are some of the challenges and opportunities we are hearing from our clients at different stages of the sales process:


 Engaging with prospects

  • Reduction in new leads.
  • Psychological blocker to conducting new business activity.
  • Inability to connect and effectively prospect remotely.
  • Opportunity to pivot into sectors that now have increased potential.
  • Educating prospects & clients about the breadth of your capabilities vs their perception.
  • Potential to re-engage with dormant contacts in your network.

Improve and develop mindset to ensure a positive and proactive approach towards sales activity and client interactions.

Create immediate and long-term opportunities through proactive and targeted prospecting techniques.


 Protecting existing clients

  • Clients and existing revenue streams are at risk.
  • Being seen as a ‘need to have’, over a ‘nice to have’.
  • Showcase value through ongoing support.
  • Widen stakeholder engagement.
  • Broaden your footprint and increase stickiness.

Engage with clients in a way that differentiates and identifies where value can be added for the client, effectively presenting the recommendations in a clear, concise and compelling manner.

Drive business within client, along with retention of existing revenue.


 Converting current opportunities

  • Influence and present a compelling proposition virtually.
  • Loss of momentum on existing opportunities.
  • Reduction in pipeline value.
  • Develop the proposition to align clients concerns with our capabilities.
  • Re-qualify and improve forecasting.

Manage sales pipelines, improving forecast accuracy.

Qualify, quantify and influence clients needs and requirements through the current context.


Based on our understanding and experience of the current situation, challenges and objectives, we will co-create a programme that focuses on the sales behaviours that are relevant and impactful:



Download PDF Marketing Sheet


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