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SBR Consulting are committed to ensure the successful implementation of the outputs from the CREATE phase.


What is the EMBED phase?

  1. Facilitate & implement the sales habits necessary to your objectives.
  2. Ensure objectives are met & improvements are sustained long term.
  3. Delivery of relevant training development programmes.

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 “We became more of a team as we all had a common goal and common direction.

“The average deal size increased over the last 3 years since starting work with SBR. From what was £22,000 per annum it increased to just over £40,000 per annum. Ayming also achieved a particularly high close ratio. As a team they closed around 40% of their deals.”

Patrick Totty Head of UK Sales of Ayming UK



The embedding of the programme will ensure your objectives are met and improvements are sustained long term, with the improved sales performance resulting in; increase in sales & average order; improved conversion rates; reduced customer churn.



The EMBED phase will be run over a period of time to ensure professional sales behaviours are exhibited long term, including accountability, reinforcement and application sessions.

The EMBED phase is delivered through an ongoing engagement to ensure the diagram to the below is not seen within your business. This will allow SBR Consulting to reinforce the learnings through a number of forums (see potential scope on next page), and result in behaviour.




There are various ways SBR Consulting can and will engage with the team during the EMBED phase, below outlines showcases these different styles along with some expected modules that would be covered based on our initial conversation(s).

The EMBED phase can include several activities, including:

  • Group training sessions (up to 8 delegates).
  • 1-2-1 individual coaching session.
  • Action Learning Sets.
  • Live coaching.
  • Roleplays, ‘Realplays’ and Rehearsals.
  • Video reviews.
  • Revision workshops.
  • Revision of capabilities (shadow client engagement).
  • Access to SBR Online Sales Insights.
  • Habits based sales tool and aide memoires.



  • Consultative sales methodology.
  • Account Development – growing existing client base.
  • Understanding the Customers Buying Cycle.
  • Critical Success Factors, understand the sales funnel and the importance of tracking ratios.
  • Critical sales tools: Objection Handling, Third Person Validation & Buying Atmosphere.
  • Emotional Resilience and Psychology of Sales, developing the correct mindset.




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