£115,625 SIGNED, 100% VIRTUALLY {handshakes are no longer required}


A recent study conducted by the Rain group revealed that an enormous 89% of businesses have been negatively affected by the impact of the pandemic. 29% of these businesses have experienced extremely negatively consequences.


Even without this evidence we can see the overwhelming message from the media that the High Street specifically and businesses generally are feeling the effects. Back in December, Debenhams in the UK closed after 240 years of trading. The 124 store chain made 12,000 people unemployed.

As many are also aware there where some substantial winners of 2020 e.g. Apple (up 14 billion in 2020), Amazon (up 7 billion last quarter).

Some say;

This is all very good if you are like them and you sell widgets but we sell $50,000 consulting programs! Zoom is fine and all but “real business” requires a handshake! 

Are we to believe that virtual communication is limited to webinars and virtual beers and no substantial sized deals can take place?


Absolutely not!

According to Mckinsey, 53% of decision makers would spend more than $50,000 on a completely self serve or remote interaction. Here is the survey explained.

Buyers where asked “What is the maximum order value that you would purchase through end-to-end digital self service and remote human interactions for a new product or service category?”

The results where; 96% of B2B buyers might make a purchase in a fully end-to-end, digital self-serve model, with a slight majority very comfortable spending $50K or more online. 

53% of decision makers would spend more than $50,000 on a completely self serve or remote interaction. 

SBR Consulting has experienced the upside of breaking this glass ceiling. Back in October we signed a £115,625 deal with a new client. This was a client that we have still not met in person 4 months later! In addition to this SBR had its best month in December for years.

If you are interesting in creating peak sales performance within your organisation then SBR have a blog on the subject; 3 tips for a peak performance sales mindset.





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