How are you leveraging partners to effectively position and sell your solution to the end-user?



Selling through the channel has always been an important strategy for many organisations. Partners provide access to potential clients and can ultimately be an extension of the sales function, but are rarely given the same focus when considering a sales approach, compared to direct clients. The challenge with the channel sales team is how to enable and leverage the partner to effectively position and sell your solution to the end-user.

In this webinar we will be discussing:

  • Effective sales methodology and frameworks for channel partners.
  • Communicating value from the partner’s perspective.
  • How to effectively enable the channel to have the correct conversations with their clients.
  • Developing the channel to deploy best practices when engaging with their clients.


Meet the speakers

  Tim Hillier Principal Consultant

In a previous role, Tim managed a channel sales team and will share his best practices learned. By delivering sales change, focusing on strategy, people, processes, and tools, Tim can help businesses acquire, retain and grow clients.


 Alan Morton Managing Director

Over 20 years into a sales career that has involved successfully selling in complex environments, leading sales teams and developing organisations in the US and across Europe, Alan is passionate about continuing to hone and develop the habits of a high performer in himself and in others.

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